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About Us

Welcome to RimoVision Group! We're a heartfelt nonprofit theater crew that took a fresh start in January 2023, right here in sunny California. Previously, we were known as Rimovision productions.

Our big mission? We're all about Creative Theatre for All! Imagine if going to the theater was as cool as catching a movie or streaming your favorite shows. Well, that's what we're all about.

Our theater is like a place of magic where stories come alive right before your eyes. But here's the thing: not as many folks are heading to theaters in Southern California these days. It's a bit sad because some theaters are even closing down. But here's where we come in!

Becoming a nonprofit is like putting on a superhero cape. It means we're on a mission to save the day – or in this case, the theater. We're serious about keeping the stage lights shining bright.

And guess what? You're the hero too! Your donations and support are like the secret ingredient that keeps us going strong. With your help, we can keep the spotlight on this ancient and beautiful art form.

But here's more: we're all about comedy and satire. We think that laughter is a medicine that's super easy to swallow! Comedy helps us share bold and eye-opening ideas in a way that everyone can enjoy. Plus, it helps us tackle important topics that matter today.

We love the classics, but we're all about new stories that speak to the world we live in now. We know creating original shows isn't easy, but if they're made with love, creativity, and a touch of magic, they'll hit the mark!

Here's the other cool thing about us: everyone on our team gets compensated for their hard work. No one's here just for the love of it, because in today's world, that's a tough road to travel. You might not know, but many small theaters in California run on volunteers. Some amazing talents do it all for their passion, but in today's pricey world, that can be really tough.

So, we invite you to join us. Bring along someone who's never experienced theater before and let us captivate them. We're all about inviting you into our world – a world of stories, laughter, and a whole lot of heart.

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