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Misha Suvorov


Misha Suvorov is a trained actor from the city of theaters, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Sanford Meisner Center 2016 graduate and RimoVision loyal group member since 2023, Misha works on stage, TV and in film. 


Inspired by theatrical stage of his beloved home town, St. Petersburg, Misha has gravitated toward performing arts since an early age. Mariinsky, Komissarzhevskaya, Alexandrinsky and Bolshoi theaters were Suvorov’s family’s regular to go for the nights out. Hating opera and ballet wholeheartedly for ‘it made no sense’, Misha craved every bit of drama and comedy from ever since he remembers himself. Vivid, colorful, emotionally fulfilling dramaturgy contrasted so drastically with grey rainy gloomy school days in the Venice of North. Life on stage seemed to make so much more sense than outside of it.


Home theater and live performances have always been a significant part of Misha’s upbringing. Coming from artsy soviet intelligentsia family, he enjoyed a privilege of having his parent’s tiny urban flat filled at most times with censored rock, bard and western music, kvartirnik style home concerts and the best of what late soviet era of underground arts could offer. Misha’s father is a bard poet and guitar performer Sergey Suvorov and mother Tatyana Suvorova is proficient at the piano. Misha is a world class shower singer himself.


Yet a business oriented environment of a Wild West early stage capitalist Russia made Misha major in finance to pursue money making corporate career before finally submitting to the simple truth of belonging to performing arts no matter what. It was on the sunny Cyprus island in the late 2000s when Misha had a luxury of neighboring a renown Russian theatre and film director German Sadchenkov, who blew a fresh air on Misha’s fire of passion for performing arts. Mr. Sadchenkov earns a credit for handing Misha Stanislavski’s trilogy ‘My Life in Art’, ‘An Actor Prepares’ and ‘Building a Character’. That turned to be enough for Misha to abandon his ‘real’ career in finance and head back home to dedicate his life to acting.


Entering acting career in early 2010s in St. Petersburg, Misha undertook Konstantin Stanislavski’s method study at the Part Academy of St. Petersburg and additional study in Mikhail Chekov’s technique to establish himself at the theatrical stage and on local TV. 2013 turned out to be Misha’s life turning point - that’s when he decides to shoot for the dream factory. Had arrived at Hollywood the night before Christmas of 2013, Misha fell in love with Los Angeles and stays in town ever since. To domesticate and enhance his performance skills, Misha entered Ranjiv Perrera’s class under Martin Barter supervision at Sanford Meisner Center of Los Angeles to learn an American way of acting. 2016 was the year he successfully graduated from Sanford Meisner Center to continue his journey of self realization and communicating his message across the forth wall to the audience.


Ten years after he landed in LAX, Misha came across RimoVision Group to perform the role of Adam in The Awkward Tale of the Carrot and Those Who Art in Heaven and remains a group member ever since.


Most notable theatrical credits include

- The Awkward Tale of Carrot and Those Who Art in Heaven as Adam,

- Murder, Party of Ten as Pavel Kuznetsov

- Basic Witch as Brian

- The Seagull as Boris Alexeyevich Trigorin

- Delhi Dance as Andrey

- Vassa Zheleznova as Prokhor Khrapov,

- The Creep LA as Gibberish,

- Sherlock Holmes as Duke,

- Impaired Judgement in Slow Motion,

- The Alone as Stranger,

- The Diary of Anne Frank and many others.


Most notable film credits include:

- Girls Lost: Nowhereland

- Girls Lost: Hollywood Story

- The Downside of The Bliss

- Neon Ritual

- Shadow Wall

- Dawn

- Second Chance

- The Alone

- Just Friends

- Drunkard

- Five Stars

- Two Minds and others.


Most notable TV credits are:

- The Americans

- Jimmy Kimmel Live!

- The Secret Space Escapes

- Loose Ends

- Human Factor

- The Chosen Ones and many more.

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