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Daniel Nedow


Daniel Nedow’s love for the performing arts began when he was 5 years old.  Beginning ballet, jazz and modern dancing at Ballet Etc. studio in Traverse City, Michigan.  As he got older he joined the Northwestern Michigan Ballet Theater and was the male lead in many of their performances until the age of 14.  He was fortunate to attend Leland Public school in Michigan, and had access to a great theater department at his public school where he began acting in 7th grade.  Enjoying the acting opportunities until he graduated High school in 2008.  During that time he began another journey into his old passion of dance, beginning lessons in co-creative partner dancing.  Where he learned fundamentals of dance in swing, blues, salsa, tango, waltz, and contact improv dance.  Since his first partner dancing class in 2007 he’s been in love with social dancing and has enjoyed dancing at local dances back home in Traverse City.  He had originally planned to move to California to pursue his dream of becoming an actor back in 2013, however life took him down a different path.  Starting a boutique catering company in 2015, he was grounded to Michigan in his summers.  And rekindled another love of winter sports, starting a career as a snowboard and ski instructor in 2016.  Using that job as a way to travel and work at some of the most prestigious ski resorts in the United States for 7 winters, gaining certifications in ski, snowboard, freestyle, and children specialist coaching.  After developing a great wealth of coaching knowledge and realizing that there was still a huge hole in his heart where the performing arts had lived his whole life.  He had always wanted to get into stand up comedy and finally got on stage at his first open mic in Big Sky Montana where he had been working as an instructor the winter of 22-23.  Getting back on stage reignited Daniel’s love of the performing arts and he left everything behind in 2023 and moved to Los Angeles to finally pursue his dream of becoming an actor and comedian.  Since moving to Los Angeles Daniel has worked on commercial sets as a background actor, and was most recently in Rimo Vision’s production of “The Awkward Tale of Carrot & Those Who Art In Heaven” as the Role of Yeshua.  He takes acting classes whenever he can get the chance and is always writing new comedy material.  Daniel has always loved to make people smile and laugh during everyday life, and getting to do that on stage or in front of a camera is a dream come true, and he plans to work extremely hard to make a reality.

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