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Support and Donations

At RimoVision Group, we are a registered public charity with an IRS deduction code PC, making it easier for generous donors like you to contribute while receiving valuable deductions. By leveraging this code, donors can deduct 50% of non-cash contributions and an impressive 60% for cash donations.

Our core mission is to bring new and original creative theatre within reach of everyone. We are dedicated to offering affordable ticket prices, as well as hosting discounted and even free events to ensure that the magic of theatre remains accessible to all.

But that's not all. RimoVision Group is committed to providing a platform for emerging talents who have yet to experience the spotlight. We passionately believe in giving opportunities to aspiring artists, compensating them for their time and effort, and helping them shine on stage like never before.

Diversity is at the heart of our organization. Our cast, crew, and board members come from diverse backgrounds, and we take immense pride in representing many underrepresented communities. By embracing this inclusive approach, we aim to create theatre that resonates with the richness of the world we live in.

Join us on this exciting journey of creativity, inclusion, and artistic expression. Your support will not only foster the growth of theatre but will also empower aspiring talents to realize their dreams on stage.

Together, let's bring the magic of theatre to everyone, one performance at a time. Thank you for being a part of the RimoVision Group community!

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One Time and Monthly Donations

Sponsorship Donations

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