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Theatre First-Timers Initiative!

 RimoVision Group aims to break down barriers and make live theatre accessible to those who may not have experienced it before or have been away from it for some time.

The process to obtain a free ticket is simple and user-friendly:  Interested individuals can visit the Contact page on RimoVision's website or use the form below and fill out the contact form with their name, contact information, and why they decided to give live theatre a try. Once submitted, RimoVision will email a free ticket for their next show, allowing the first-timers to enjoy the magic of live storytelling on stage without any financial cost.

By dedicating a significant number of tickets (20 tickets for each show) specifically for Theatre First-Timers, RimoVision demonstrates a genuine commitment to welcoming new audiences and cultivating a sense of community around the theatre. 

The initiative is starting on 8/4/2023 without an end date. 

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